Nonprofit Communications

Build a brand with real impact.

A brand is the sum of what other people think and feel about you – and you can do a lot to influence their perception. Your brand needs to connect with the people who care about your mission.

But it’s hard to get someone’s attention because it’s noisy out there. Your future supporters need help finding you and when they do find you, they need to instantly understand what you do. Professional communication design is among the most powerful, cost-effective tools you can use to make it happen.

It’s been our strength for more than 25 years.

Taking your mission and purpose as our main inspiration, To the Point crafts verbal and visual communications unique to your organization. As strategic, big-picture thinkers, we love to dive into creative challenges, and our goal is to develop consistent, compelling and culturally relevant brands that truly stand apart.

How We Can Help

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Content strategy

Mapping your target audiences, what you’d like them to think, feel, believe or do, and the messaging approach that you’ll use

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Finding your original voice for all written materials, from advertising, websites and social media to blog posts, bylined articles and books.

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Graphic and digital design

Creating a distinctive brand look and feel, with careful attention to color, typography, photography and other core brand elements

Bring your brand to life.

Learn more about our communication design services.

Our Services

Digital Marketing

  • Our team’s digital marketing services include website development and optimization, search engine optimization (SEO), social media and email marketing, and online advertising.
  • Email campaigns include organizational storytelling, donation appeals, reporting, creating and updating mailing lists, and marketing to encourage new subscribers.
  • Website curation and updates, including event updates, program descriptions, blogs, etc.

Content Creation

  • Our team produces high-quality and engaging content tailored to the nonprofit’s mission and values.
  • Types of content creation include blog posts, newsletters, videos, infographics, social media graphics, and more. Content is created through a storytelling lens in order to highlight impact and organizational success.

Social Media Management and Training

Our team manages all social media accounts, creates and schedules posts, engages with followers, and analyzes and tracks social media performance. Our team also trains organizational staff to manage and maintain social media accounts.

Advocacy and Awareness Campaigns

Our team helps create and implement advocacy and awareness campaigns to raise public awareness about organizational values/mission, influence public policy, and mobilize community action. Campaigns are designed with the goal to educate, engage, and inspire action from community supporters.


Analytics and Reporting

Our team provides detailed analytics and regular reporting to track the performance of your digital marketing efforts. This includes social media and email campaign analytics reports.


Graphic Design that Inspires Action

To the Point creates public-facing design materials that align with your nonprofit branding as needed for your campaign. This can include but is not limited to:

  • Branding elements
  • Social media images
  • Digital email newsletter template
  • Posters
  • Flyers
  • Brochures
  • Billboards
  • Bus ads and wraps
  • Banners and pop-up signs
  • Merch/swag, etc.

Fundraising Campaigns

Our team designs and executes fundraising campaigns online and offline. This includes appeals, creating and monitoring fundraising events, event planning assistance, and creating and managing event marketing.


Donor Engagement Strategies

Our team develops and implements strategies to engage and maintain donor relationships. This is done through personalized communication and reporting updates (through email campaigns) and supporting the nonprofit and their marketing efforts for donor/fundraising events.


Training and Consulting

Our team offers training and consulting services to empower your team with the knowledge and skills needed to sustain and enhance your marketing efforts. This includes one-on-one coaching on various marketing topics and best practices.

Success Story

Housecall Providers Uses Communications to Meet Needs

Housecall Providers was having difficulty recruiting sufficient staff to serve its homebound, mostly elderly clients. Through a strategic communications plan, To the Point used a multimedia approach to telling Housecall Provider’s unique service model story. Housecall Providers was able to refine its recruiting campaign and find the right people. Staff size tripled over three years and turnover was reduced.

Success Story

YMCA of the Columbia-Willamette Turns 150

A national nonprofit with a local presence needed an outside design team to collaborate with staff to create key brand elements for a major anniversary. To the Point brought our branding expertise to work with staff on the project. We created the framework for the YMCA’s print and digital suite of collateral, beginning with the 150-year anniversary logo, which is the centerpiece for the overall campaign. View our work with them.

    Our Clients

    Here are just a few of the organizations we’ve worked with:

    Friends of the Columbia Gorge
    Oregon Zoo

    “Working with To the Point Collaborative is like having your best friend by your side. They take care of you, make you look even better than you thought, and always have your best interests at heart. To the Point embodies trust, integrity, creativity, and results.”

    -Lisa P., Oregon Tradeswomen

    “To the Point guided us from a little-known medical practice to national prominence.”

    -Terri Hobbs, Former executive director, Housecall Providers

    “Our ongoing collaboration with To the Point Collaborative is critical to the work that we do. Their contributions both at the strategic and implementation level are instrumental in achieving the vision of our association and our marketing and communications goals across all platforms.”

    -Tammy S., Senior Director of Marketing and Communications at YMCA of Columbia-Willamette