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At To the Point Collaborative, we have the expertise to make sure your Wikipedia article gives readers the right impression.

Wikipedia is the world’s largest and most visited reference site, and a powerful source of traffic to other websites. It represents a trusted source of information about you or your company.

Ask yourself: What info is there? Is it accurate? Is it up to date? If not, Wikipedia could be undermining your professional or organizational goals.

Whether you’re a company seeking investors, a nonprofit hoping to attract donors, or a speaker looking for a new audience, our team can help you get it right.

How we work with our clients …

Learn how our Wikipedia experts become your experts through every phase of the article improvement process, while strictly adhering to Wikipedia’s ethical editing rules.

We recently worked closely with poet and song lyricist Larry Beckett to update his Wikipedia article. With our guidance, and the help of thoughtful Wikipedia volunteers, Larry’s article went from poorly organized and outdated, to updated to meet Wikipedia’s standards for accuracy and content.

Larry was highly satisfied with To the Point Collaborative’s work, and had this to say about us:

“Hi Kendall, I’ve been approached by Monday Media to release a live poetry CD, with digital distribution. Why? The owner was listening to Tim Buckley [Beckett’s songwriting partner], then looked up Song of the Siren [on Wikipedia], then saw my name, then read my Wikipedia entry, and was so impressed he contacted me. So it was a direct result of your work. Thank you!”

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Success Story

Public Relations Firm Adds Value with Wikipedia

Public relations firm owner Bruce B. came to us to help him create a new Wikipedia article for his client, a large national real estate investment trust. We taught Bruce about Wikipedia’s Rules of Engagement and how to make effective edits, so he could establish himself as a valuable contributor to the online encyclopedia. Then we trained Bruce so he could successfully write and post an article about his client, to best meet Wikipedia standards.

The article Bruce posted continues to share pertinent information about the real estate company, and traffic to his client’s website has increased as a result.

I needed a Wikipedia page for one of my major clients but didn’t know where to start. I turned to To the Point for help. Dan and his team did not disappoint. They simplified the process and guided me through each and every step so that I could create a page that had an immediate impact on my client’s web presence.

-Bruce B., DB&R Marketing Communications, Inc.

“Thank you again, To the Point Collaborative, for the fantastic education.”

Dave R., Vice President, Marketing-Wikipedia