Wikipedia Consulting

Take it from us, take Wikipedia seriously.

A Wikipedia article comes up as the number one result on more than half of all Google searches. And with more than 5.5 million articles in English, it may be the top search result for your organization. Our Wikipedia training workshops can help you and your clients tap into that SEO gold!

Does your client have a Wikipedia page, or have they asked about having one? Do you have a page for yourself or your business? Just as important, do you manage the content — or is someone you don’t know setting the tone for your page?

We have heard many people — including countless branding, PR and marketing professionals — say, “But, I’m not allowed to edit on Wikipedia.”

We understand the hesitation because the guidelines strongly discourage editing your article yourself, or for a client. We’re here to tell you that’s just not true. With the right knowledge, a little experience, and a whole lot of integrity and transparency, anyone can edit Wikipedia. Anyone. We can help you get there through our results-driven model and valuable insights.

To the Point’s Wikipedia experts offer individual and group options to turn you into a confident, well-trained Wikipedian. We have a one-on-one training to guide you through the tricky process of starting or editing your article.

And now we offer a one-of-a-kind group workshop for PR, marketing, and branding professionals: “Understanding Wikipedia: To the Point’s Navigation Guide.”

How We Can Help

With this training, we’ll show you how to answer all of your client’s questions about Wikipedia, become their best advocate, and potentially book new business.

You’ll learn:

  • The rules of engagement for Conflict of Interest (COI) Wikipedia article editing.
  • The critical value of transparency — being honest about who you are and your role as a brand manager.
  • All about notability: The single most important requirement to have before undertaking a new article.
  • How to connect and collaborate with the volunteer community.
  • The unique language and style of Wikipedia editing.
  • Techniques for monitoring and managing client articles.
  • Setting client expectations, and much more.

The value of this group training is for you to become a leader in the field by adding this new skill set to your list of services, advocating for your clients, and booking a whole new niche area of business.

Work with us and you’ll have the confidence and clarity to manage Wikipedia pages like the valuable brand asset they are. Our team would love to talk to you about any and all things Wikipedia.

Ready to talk Wikipedia? We are.

Schedule a needs assessment and let’s see where you stand.

Success Story

Linoleum Artist Bill Miller Gets on Wikipedia

Renowned linoleum artist Bill Miller did not have any presence on Wikipedia, despite being recognized multiple times by the New York Times. We were commissioned to post an article about him on Wikipedia. We researched Miller’s background, cited numerous national news stories about him and his works, and then wrote and posted the article on Wikipedia. Miller has now secured his rightful place on Wikipedia, which adds to his credibility as an artist and helps sell his work by driving traffic to his website.

Success Story

Public Relations Firm Adds Value with Wikipedia

Public relations firm owner Bruce B. came to us to help him create a new Wikipedia article for his client, a large national real estate investment trust. We taught Bruce about Wikipedia’s Rules of Engagement and how to make effective edits, so he could establish himself as a valuable contributor to the online encyclopedia. Then we trained Bruce so he could successfully write and post an article about his client, to best meet Wikipedia standards.

The article Bruce posted continues to share pertinent information about the real estate company, and traffic to his client’s website has increased as a result.

    I needed a Wikipedia page for one of my major clients but didn’t know where to start. I turned to To the Point for help. Dan and his team did not disappoint. They simplified the process and guided me through each and every step so that I could create a page that had an immediate impact on my client’s web presence.

    -Bruce B., DB&R Marketing Communications, Inc.

    “Thank you again, To the Point, for the fantastic education.”

    Dave R., vice president, marketing