How we work — and why it works.

Expectations are important. When you partner with To the Point, we want you to know how we’ll approach your challenges and work with you to solve them.

A proven process

For us, it all comes down to three words — communicate, collaborate, connect. Through in-depth discovery, we identify your objectives and how best to achieve them. We collaborate closely with your team to develop content that will empower your messaging. Then we connect that messaging with your desired audiences. Our process creates energy and builds momentum by:

  • Focusing on results: We ask questions and listen attentively so that our efforts directly address specific goals and objectives. We’re collaborative partners who care deeply about your success.
  • Engaging your organization: Achieving results begins with a shared commitment. From exchanging ideas, to giving feedback and meeting deadlines, we help staff members remain engaged with each project — key to positive outcomes.
  • Building client capability: Our approach encourages teamwork and promotes individual development. By sharing our knowledge and insight, your staff members gain and grow the skills they need to lead subsequent efforts.
  • Creating a unified force: Our process is designed to ensure that all messaging, design and communications strategies are consistent across channels and centered on your most important audiences.

The value of our approach

Over hundreds of client engagements, we’ve learned to tackle challenges in a way that:

  • Gets to the heart of who you are and what you provide your audience — which helps us better understand and solve the challenges you both are facing.
  • Focuses your efforts by prioritizing short-term needs and developing a long-term strategy.
  • Builds emotional connections through visual storytelling that inspires action.
  • Engages your audience on behalf of your goals, key to forming brand ambassadors who want to advocate for you.
  • Helps you to thrive and create a strong, vibrant, caring stakeholder community.
  • Projects an inclusive environment that makes all feel welcome and want to be a part of your community.

“To the Point clarified our message and worked with us to effectively communicate with our intended audience. Their knowledge and skills in outreach made me better at my job. Their work helped us sell out our event.”

-Patty Morgan, Owner, Pacific Agenda

“Working with To The Point year after year has been a rewarding and memorable experience. Their expertise with marketing and communications – understanding how to communicate and navigate within our organization – has created a partnership that makes it hard to imagine how we got things done before their arrival.”

-Brian Gaudreau, Marketing Chair, PNSQC

    Why work with us?

    • Long history of creating engaging visual and written content
    • Deep understanding of the nonprofit culture and structure
    • An ability to communicate through storytelling to get our clients noticed
    • Our track record of helping nonprofits grow beneficial audience relationships
    • Strong focus on planning and strategy
    • Willingness to add expertise to the team if we don’t have it

    Like how we work?.

    Let’s talk about how we can best work with you.