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If you’ve never worked with an agency completely committed to your growth and success, thanks for visiting To the Point Collaborative — because we’re different.

Kathleen Krushas founded our firm in 1994 as To the Point Publications, a digital publisher specializing in nonprofits. Over the years, as our client relationships evolved, we’ve grown our team and our vision to better serve the unique needs of these organizations. Today, To the Point is a boutique marketing agency with deep expertise in three high-impact services: communication design, Wikipedia consulting, and event and conference communications.

True to our roots, we focus on nonprofits and other mission-driven organizations. We know your world very well and are all too familiar with what can hold you back — often, the communications strategies and high-quality resources to help grow your mission and expand your reach. Our team collaborates with you to develop and implement strategies that work with your strengths and reduce your weaknesses. And we’ve developed an approach you can count on project after project.

For nearly three decades, we’ve helped our clients find their voice, lead with their values, and engage the audiences that matter most. We can’t wait to bring our passion and purpose to your goals and mission.

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Meet Our Team

Kathleen Krushas 
Principal and Founder

Dan Cook
Writer, Strategist, Wikipedia Expert

Kathy Fors
Lead Visual Designer

Melissa Chavez
User Experience Lead and Digital Communicator

Kendall Leeper
Content Strategist and Wikipedia Specialist

Faith Williams
Project Manager and Community Outreach Specialist

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