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Collaboration Gets Us Further Faster

Essential Elements of an Effective Collaboration

At To the Point Collaborative, we’re serious about collaborating with our clients.

Experience has taught us that seamless collaborations lead to outstanding outcomes. With a nod to Stephen R. Covey, we’ve identified our own set of 7 attributes that are absolutely essential to collaborating effectively:

  1. Trust. This is the linchpin for a seamless and productive collaboration. Our process naturally builds trust between our groups as we work and collaborate together.
  2. Inclusion. All viewpoints must be taken into account, even those not directly represented by the partnership. The presence at the collaborative table of cultural and ethnic diversity enriches the work. Accessibility issues should be taken into account every step of the way.
  3. Clearly defined scope of work. Parties agree on what the work is that will be undertaken and what the desired outcomes are.
  4. Main point of contact. Each partner selects one person to be the lead in sharing information and setting the parameters of the engagement as the collaboration develops.
  5. Transparency. Both parties must be willing to share openly from the beginning of the partnership.
  6. Regular check-in meeting schedule. This is a weekly live meeting where the two teams discuss the work in progress and set goals for the next week.
  7. Shared online workspace. Parties must have a place where they can collaborate online to move projects forward together.

We believe this approach to collaboration yields the best results. Making the onboarding process simpler for all parties has been one of our top priorities. And that’s just one of the many reasons why Our Clients stay working with us for years.

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