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To the Point helps mission-driven for-profits and nonprofits find and engage your key stakeholders where they already are, from online to in-person.

To the Point has helped mission-driven for-profit and nonprofits grow and succeed for more than 25 years. We know your world. And we know what can hold you back. Our proven expertise across three distinct services will help you set you apart.

Nonprofit Communications

Effective nonprofits make strong, lasting connections with their most important audiences. Get the best of our deep design and messaging experience with customized packages. Learn More


Search engines prominently feature Wikipedia articles so it’s great for SEO. We can be your Wikipedia editing partner or train you to be the expert. Learn More


Great events require solid planning, engaging communications, and thoughtful follow-through. To the Point Collaborative can help before, during and after your event. Learn More

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Success Story

YMCA of the Columbia-Willamette Turns 150

A national nonprofit with a local presence needed an outside design team to collaborate with staff to create key brand elements for a major anniversary. To the Point brought our branding expertise to work with staff on the project. We created the framework for the YMCA’s print and digital suite of collateral, beginning with the 150-year anniversary logo, which is the centerpiece for the overall campaign. View our work with them.

Success Story

Public Relations Firm Adds Value with Wikipedia

Public relations firm owner Bruce B. came to us to help him create a new Wikipedia article for his client, a large national real estate investment trust. We taught Bruce about Wikipedia’s Rules of Engagement and how to make effective edits, so he could establish himself as a valuable contributor to the online encyclopedia. Then we trained Bruce so he could successfully write and post an article about his client, to best meet Wikipedia standards.

The article Bruce posted continues to share pertinent information about the real estate company, and traffic to his client’s website has increased as a result.

Success Story

Housecall Providers Uses Communications to Meet Needs

Housecall Providers was having difficulty recruiting sufficient staff to serve its homebound, mostly elderly clients. Through a strategic communications plan, To the Point used a multimedia approach to telling Housecall Provider’s unique service model story. Housecall Providers was able to refine its recruiting campaign and find the right people. Staff size tripled over three years and turnover was reduced.

    “Our ongoing collaboration with To the Point Collaborative is critical to the work that we do. Their contributions both at the strategic and implementation level are instrumental in achieving the vision of our association and our marketing and communications goals across all platforms.”

    -Tammy S., Senior Director of Marketing and Communications at YMCA of Columbia-Willamette

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