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Why Updating a Wikipedia Article is Important for Charitable Causes 

Wikipedia editor works on article

An accurate, updated Wikipedia article is a major asset for a charitable organization. While your Wikipedia page may not be something people see everyday, when they do visit it, it can make a lasting impression.

Potential donors, volunteers and partners come to Wikipedia looking for authenticity, trust and verifiable information that can help them make an informed decision. As a mass marketing channel, Wikipedia is likely to offer you a solid ROI because it attracts millions of visitors each day. We hardly need to mention that it is one of the most credible websites, highly valued as a reliable source by search engine giants.

Editing your nonprofit’s Wikipedia page becomes even more important when you expand, grow or diversify your business or operations, because you’ll want people to know about it “as it happens.” Every time a visitor lands on an outdated Wikipedia page with inaccurate information, you as a nonprofit will likely lose a potential supporter. Or, if we flip the same situation around: When millions of visitors see an updated and accurate Wikipedia article, you can convert them into donors, employees or volunteers who can further your cause.

Wikipedia editors must know the rules

But how does one manage the content of a Wikipedia article? Aren’t there rules that prohibit you from editing your own article? Yes, there are rules. But no, they do not preclude you from influencing what’s in the article.

Wikipedia editing requires one to adhere to the guiding policies and rules of the Wikipedia community. It’s not an activity you want to add to an exhaustive list of tasks required  to run a nonprofit. That’s where we come in. To the Point Collaborative specializes in Wikipedia editing. Over the last decade, we have worked with dozens of clients who successfully improved their articles. With our guidance, a charity or business can scale its online reputation by improving what its audience finds when reading its Wikipedia page.

Contact us today for a free Wikipedia needs assessment, so we can make sure your Wikipedia presence accurately supports your mission.

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