Event Communications

You plan the event.
We fill the seats.

So, you’ve secured renowned speakers, a splendid venue, and a coveted caterer. Now all you need to fill those seats is a sleek invitation, an email blast or two, and a few Facebook posts, right?

Not so fast.

We know how challenging it is to put together a great event, especially one that might be your biggest and most important of the year. To ensure your success, To the Point helps event and conference planners get the word out so the right people are excited about your event, register to attend it, stay engaged when they’re with you, and can’t wait to share their amazing experience.

We’ll help you build and execute a smart, strategic plan that details how, when and what to communicate at every stage of your event — and our expert team can create and implement every component.

How We Can Help

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  • Define your audience and core selling message
  • Solicit and listen to input from speakers, attendees, and sponsors
  • Create media strategy
  • Promote your event and drive attendance across multiple channels
  • Design key visuals, from room graphics to swag bag items
  • Set up and manage social media event and community pages
  • Ensure your event app provides users with the most relevant info
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  • Provide real-time updates
  • Monitor social media hashtags
  • Interview conference speakers and attendees on video
  • Capture magical moments via still photography
  • Post key moments on social media channels
  • Manage press
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  • Recognize volunteers
  • Thank sponsors and speakers
  • Share testimonials
  • Gather input about future events
  • Stay connected with attendees by sharing highlight content
  • Prepare event evaluation for your organization

An unforgettable event boosts your brand.

Let’s talk about taking your event to the next level.

Success Story


A 35-year-old technology nonprofit conference focused on quality assurance needed to increase the number and diversity of presenters for their annual conference. We provided a strategic communications plan to reach more members of the quality assurance community worldwide, explaining the benefits of participating in the conference. We exceeded the internal goal for proposals by presenters. Read full case study

“To the Point clarified our message and worked with us to effectively communicate with our intended audience. Their knowledge and skills in outreach made me better at my job. Their work helped us sell out our event.”

-Patty Morgan, Owner, Pacific Agenda

“Working with To The Point year after year has been a rewarding and memorable experience. Their expertise with marketing and communications – understanding how to communicate and navigate within our organization – has created a partnership that makes it hard to imagine how we got things done before their arrival.”

-Brian Gaudreau, Marketing Chair, PNSQC

“We selected To The Point for the design and production of our Build Small Live Large Summit… Kathleen and her team produced a website, a full range of marketing materials and an event program…The team did an awesome job on every aspect of event marketing for the Summit.”

-Joan Grimm, Small Live Large Summit