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Your Business Should Be on Wikipedia

To the Point Collaborative guides clients through Wikipedia editing. Our expert Wikipedia consulting team trains businesses, nonprofits, and individual clients.

With more than 5.5 million articles in English on Wikipedia, and 47 million worldwide, Wikipedia may be the top search result for your company. Don’t leave your brand’s online reputation to random editors — or your competitors! 

You need our consulting services if:

  • You want a Wikipedia article on your company started from scratch.
  • Your Wikipedia article is outdated and needs to reflect the current status of your organization or of you as an individual
  • You or someone in your organization edited a company-related Wikipedia article, but all the edits were reverted by a volunteer editor
  • Someone vandalized your Wikipedia page, and it needs immediate crisis editing
  • Your page has been proposed for deletion
  • Your article has a banner on it strongly suggesting it:
    • needs better citations to support information in it or
    • is written like an advertisement and needs to be rewritten

We help you get started on Wikipedia.


How we help you

  • We can help you improve or start a Wikipedia article.
  • We assess your needs.
  • We analyze your notability — research how much high-quality media coverage you’ve had, and the editing history done to-date on your article.
  • We train someone on your staff who will be the Client Editor throughout the process.
  • We collaborate with you to develop an Ideal Revised Article that will serve as our model for making edits to your article.
  • We include you, the Client Editor, through every edit that is made on the article.
  • We guide the Client Editor through any engagements with volunteer Wikipedia editors.

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Understanding Guidelines

Our expertise lies in guiding you through the tricky process of Conflict of Interest editing on Wikipedia.

Wikipedia’s guidelines strongly discourage a paid staff person from editing their organization’s article. But, if everyone is transparent — and abides by the rules — you can successfully make edits.

We understand the rules for Conflict of Interest Wikipedia editing — and, afer working with us — so will you.