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The Wikipedia Notability Pyramid: Find out if your brand is notable enough for Wikipedia

Find out if your brand is notable enough for Wikipedia with our Notability Pyramid.

Do you have articles about your company from 15 credible news outlets? If not, it’s time to contact To the Point. Wikipedia can be a challenge for paid editors, but we’re here to ensure your work meets the highest standards of ethical article editing.

The No. 1 factor for supporting an entry for Wikipedia is whether or not a topic, person or organization is notable by Wikipedia standards. To the Point Collaborative’s many years of experience working with Wikipedia clients has enabled us to create a test by which we evaluate every potential client seeking to start a new article on Wikipedia. To help others get a better idea of their notability before embarking on a Wikipedia page, we have created The Notability Pyramid. This pyramid represents the types of media coverage that make one notable by Wikipedia standards, and suggests a combination of media references that add up to notability. The pyramid is designed to help you quickly determine whether you or your client are ready for a Wikipedia article.

Contact us for the detailed Notability Pyramid, with examples of the coverage you or your organization need to have to be notable. Write “notability pyramid” in the subject line.


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