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Preserving Pendleton

Local entrepreneurs have added to the city while maintaining its roots

In our last post, our team took a trip Pendleton, Oregon. There is so much to do and see in Pendleton that we had to stay a few nights to take in as much as possible.

In Pendleton, you can truly get to experience the West. The preservation of its historic district — and a few places to stay (see below) — will leave you feeling like you’ve stepped back in time. But the people living there now have found the perfect balance of adding modern elements and updates while keeping the city’s artisanal legacy and appeal.

There’s something for everyone in Pendleton. From partaking in regional wine and spirits, to marveling at the sheer craftsmanship of the goods made in this area, to exploring the nearby mountains, forests, and deserts. Every place you turn you can discover a new sight and make a new memory.


Pendleton offers overnight visitors an array of bedding down choices. The three that we would recommend are:

  • Working Girls Hotel — This former bordello (Pendleton at one time had 18 operating simultaneously) is lavishly appointed, furnished with period pieces, and includes a common kitchen, dining room and sitting room. The suite includes its own dressing room and powder room. Four other single rooms are similarly well turned out and comfortable, as long as you don’t mind sharing a bathroom!
  • The Pendleton House Historic Inn — This beautiful 1917 mansion, perched on a hill overlooking the historic town, offers visitors the ultimate bed and breakfast experience. Lovingly restored by owners Tracy Bosen & Kevin Michel, the inn is a must-stop on any tour of the town, even if you can’t snuggle up there for the night.
  • The Pearl Cottage — Situated just a few blocks down the street from the Pendleton House, Pearl Cottage popped up when we were cruising AirBnB for a large space for our team. Operated by Ronna, it proved to be an extraordinary find, perfect for our needs. The decor is vintage — with a touch of modern glam — and the bedding is luxuriously comfy. Walking distance to the historic downtown district, Pearl Cottage served as a true home-away-from-home for us.


You’re sure to want to take back something from Pendleton to remember your trip by. Here’s where we found a few unique pieces that we just couldn’t do without:

  • Hamley — What’s more impressive than this store and its long history is the fact that saddles and chaps (pronounced shaps, we learned) are still made by hand in the back of the shop. We were fortunate enough to meet Hank Moss, and his amazing moustache, who was working on a custom saddle. He walked us through the steps that go into making one of these works of art.
  • ReRide Western —There are a few consignment and gently used shops in Pendleton, but one of the biggest and best is ReRide. It’s worth a trip inside to see the sheer variety of Western styles — and the super friendly workers will be able to help you find what accessories will best fit the look you’re going for.
  • The Pendleton Woolen Mills — The iconic blanket and clothing maker got its start right here in Pendleton, back when the area was sheep country. Take a tour. You will buy something. It will be expensive. But also the highest quality. And you will have it forever.
  • Lavender Mercantile — Between the gorgeous cupcakes and the lovely lavender bouquets, it was hard to pick which smelled better. This beautiful brick interior shop has locally made jewelry, artisanal beauty products, and a mix of vintage accessories and homegoods finds.
  • Alexander’s Chocolaterie & Vino Bistro — If you are looking for a combination of the nicest two guys you’ll ever meet, PLUS the most amazing drinking chocolate, this is your place. We wandered in to buy a few treats to take home and got to visit with Steve, one of the owners. The night before our visit, they had their first “sip n’ dip” wine and truffle making event. What fun!

Have you been to Pendleton before? Or to the Round Up? What was your favorite thing to see or do?


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