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PNSQC Gains Regional Awareness


The Client

PNSQC is an all-volunteer nonprofit organization that manages an annual regional tech summit with workshops, the Pacific Northwest Software Quality Conference. Now in its 36th year, we have been working with PNSQC since year 30.

The Challenge

OBJECTIVE: Grow regional awareness of PNSQC’s annual 3-day conference and expand its community of software quality professionals.

PNSQC has a niche focus in a booming tech industry. A language-, platform-, and software-agnostic conference, its attendees LOVE the content and roughly half return each year. Our approach was to build on the positive word-of-mouth way attendees heard about the conference, and focus on:

  • Create a stronger brand identity
  • Increase awareness of yearly conference and abstract submission process
  • Diversify speakers, attendees and volunteers by reaching out to partner communities

The Solution

It’s hard to tell a story without any visuals. The biggest change we wanted to make was to develop the tools PNSQC could use to tell its story. Combining compelling visual designs and rich content with targeted outreach strategies, To the Point created a dramatic increase in engagement and participation.


  • Utilize impressive archive of industry knowledge and create rich new content
  • Kickstart proposal submissions through community outreach (via social media and in-person networking)
  • Create an Ambassador Kit to support nonprofit volunteers’ networking and connect PNSQC with natural partners
  • Improve user experience of website to make navigation easier and streamline content
  • Design visuals – logos, photos, videos, swag – to better distinguish the conference, while preserving its overall brand

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