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ASHA’s Rebrand Results in Greater Visibility

Telling a tiny nonprofit’s powerful story to the world

ASHA International is a micro-nonprofit founded by the inspirational Gayathri Ramprasad. She endured many painful years learning to cope with depression, and emerged from the depths of her disease with a passion to reach out to others and offer help. Her powerful story of recovery from mental illness truly is life-changing to those who hear it, and she has at her disposal a network of mental health specialists who volunteer to assist those in need.

The Challenge

But getting the word out was proving an overwhelmingly difficult task for a woman who works from her home and has only a small budget to support her mission. She turned to To the Point to help her tell her story to the world.

We worked collaboratively with Gayathri to build a new website that captured her words and images just as she had always wanted them represented. We then produced marketing materials including a new logo and brochures and banners that she could take with her to public appearances and email to the broader community.

The Solution

To the Point Collaborative created the branding and messaging content to support the launch of ASHA’s wellness campaign, “Healthy Minds, Healthy Lives,” which has reached 50,000 people nationally and internationally with a resounding message of hope and wellbeing.

The Strategy

  • Create brand elements for ASHA through new logo, website and other marketing and communication materials..
  • Create a multi-platform communications strategy that effectively told ASHA’s story to its global audience, engaging new supporters in a collective mission to promote mental health awareness, hope and holistic wellbeing.
  • Collaborate with the client to develop language and messaging that destigmatized and humanized mental health conditions

Our awareness campaign kicked her nonprofit into high gear. She has expressed her gratitude for our work many times since, as more people enduring mental illness have found out about ASHA International and received support from Gayathri and her volunteers.

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