Wikipedia’s importance to your brand and reputation management strategy

A Wikipedia page can enhance, or undermine, your brand

Wikipedia is an important piece to completing your brand image. But are you paying attention to it?

Wikipedia is one of the most powerful pieces of any brand and reputation management strategy.  As a brand expert, you know the value of a Wikipedia page to your client or company. But do you know what Wikipedia says about them?

When potential users of your services search online, they want to read impartial content about your company. They are likely to first go to Wikipedia for that.

Is your client’s reputation enhanced by Wikipedia?

That’s why every business that takes marketing seriously today wants a Wikipedia page. But simply having a page about your client or organization doesn’t mean it is supporting your marketing strategy.

If there is a Wikipedia article on your company, you should look at it now. It likely is not promoting your brand, and could even be undermining it.

Focus on the qualities of your brand

Take a careful look at the existing article and look for the following:

  1. Banners. Is there an unsightly banner at the top saying that there is something wrong with the article? Sometimes sources are lacking, or it reads like an advertisement. The banner will suggest improvements be made to the article. The article could be deleted if the issues in the banner are not addressed.
  2. Outdated info. Does the article accurately reflect the current status of the company? Is the information in it correct and up-to-date? Has misinformation been added to the article?
  3. Vandalization. Has your article been vandalized? Has someone added information that clearly does not belong there? This is often done by bored middle schools students.
  4. Reputable references. Is the information in the article strongly supported by credible media sources? If the article is not well supported by media coverage it can be nominated for deletion.
  5. Voice. Do a review of the overall tone of the article and see if it sounds like an advertisement. You do not want it to sound like one. A neutral tone is ideal.

The ideal Wikipedia article sticks to the facts

The ideal Wikipedia page gives readers very basic information about your company in very plain language. It does not sound like your website, and it does not sound like an advertisement. A simple, straightforward Wikipedia page encourages people to then visit your website, where you have full control over the content.

We encourage you to objectively review any Wikipedia article or articles that reflect your brand. Are they supporting your brand–or undermining it? You can influence the content of those articles.

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