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  • Business cards

Our client summarized the project this way:

“Upstream Consulting is more than a new endeavor for me.  After 20 years working as a watershed manager for the City of Portland, I wanted to use my experience to help others successfully restore the environment.  Starting a new business on my own was daunting, so having To the Point on board to advise and guide me on my brand was invaluable.

Collaboration with To the Point, was fun and easy. They showed me options that reflected my values and their innovation, and I couldn’t be more thrilled with the final products. I know that To the Point will be there to help guide my brand as my business grows and thrives.”


To the Point designed a new logo for Maggie that captures her modern, straight-forward approach and esthetics. The design was carried over to signage and business cards.

Would you like something like this for your business?