To the Point guided us from a little-known medical practice to national prominence.
~ Terri Hobbs, Former executive director, Housecall Providers

The Client

Housecall Providers is a nonprofit that offers home medical services and hospice care to patients who have great difficulty making the trip to a medical clinic. Most of the patients are elderly, have more than one serious medical condition, and are homebound.


The Challenge

Our challenge was to raise awareness about Housecall Providers’ services and grow the organization.

After a short-term newsletter project, To the Point was retained to:

  • Help the organization recruit practitioners for the organization’s unique service model.
  • Promote this service model locally and nationally to meet subsequent objectives:
    — Increase fundraising,
    — Attract new patients,
    — Recruit board members, volunteers, community partnerships, — Become national healthcare influencers.

The Solution

Using authentic photography, videos, design elements, and a new marketing approach, we  focused on better connecting  Housecall Providers’ with its audience through storytelling.


  • Use true-to-life visuals and text to create vignettes explaining the nonprofit’s mission. Example: A Day In the Life of a Nurse Practitioner
  • Identify the organization’s core values, articulate them, and embed those values throughout the subsequent marketing and communications campaigns
  • Reach out to like-minded entities, and partner with donors, major grant makers and funders (U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services)
  • Redesign newsletter to tell the nonprofit’s history and day-to-day activities through stories about real patients, practitioners, supporters, and staff
  • Create new section of the website focused on recruiting MDs, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants to the practice
  • Development of designs for logos, marketing collateral, the website, events and recruiting tools
  • Training of members for speaking opportunities and for promotional, training and explanatory videos
  • Create Ambassador Kit to support recruiting team members
  • Create video, photo, and graph image libraries for other marketing and sharing purposes

The Results

After four years of serving as marketing and communications consultants, To The Point trained Housecall Providers staff to fully take the reins and we transitioned out of our consultancy role in 2016.

Through our efforts Housecall Providers was able to:

  • Improve visibility around at-home care and patient needs.
  • Build up their internal capacity for marketing and communications.
  • Support the procurement of grants for the organization.
  • Recruit staff for key strategic roles, including practitioners, executives, and Board of Directors.
  • Earn considerable local, regional, and national media coverage (The Oregonian, The Washington Post, USA Today, Pittsburgh Post Gazette, Healthcare IT News,, and others) where they previously had none.
  • Grow staff from 50 to 100+ employees, including building up critical nurse practitioner and physician assistant teams to increase service to the homebound.

Final Outcome

Our work built up the image of Housecall Providers into an attractive acquisition prospect, which led to a strategic partnership with CareOregon in 2017.

Terri Hobbs, Housecall Providers’ former executive director, was a critical advocate for our services. With her support, To The Point came in, evaluated the existing assets already at the nonprofit, and worked with them to create better content that served to connect with their different audiences: Patients and families, potential staff and board members, and potential community partners.

“As we grew, To the Point guided us in the creation of an in-house marketing team that today carries on the work they began with us,” Hobbs said. “To the Point served as our marketing and communications department for four critical years — the years in which we went from a little known medical practice serving an “invisible” population, to national prominence.”