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Project Summary

I believe To The Point knows how to set itself apart from others — Kathleen Krushas and her talented team really know how to help you get the results you want and need.

I’ve selected and worked with To The Point on several projects over the years because Kathleen knows how to listen, and she has a real talent for helping people understand what they really need.

For example, we selected To The Point for the design and production of our Build Small Live Large Summit, an event that draws hundreds of build small advocates from all of the U.S. and Canada to the Portland State University campus. Kathleen and her team produced a website, a full range of marketing materials and an event program.

We also asked To the Point to help us put together the pieces for a day-long session on building small living units. To The Point was the perfect partner for this assignment. The team did an awesome job on every aspect of event marketing for the Summit.


Their work was invaluable and directly translated into a successful event for everyone involved.  To The Point helped us look good (fantastic sense of design!) and sound good — and the end result provided a better experience for attendees to the Summit.

We especially appreciated To The Point’s team of experts helping us refine and communicate our message, and then empowering and training us on how to work on the back end of the website they created. It was such a pleasure to work with every member of the team. It is a well-choreographed ensemble.

– Joan Grimm, Build Small Live Large, Ray Grimm Legacy Project, Gastech of Japan


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