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Public relations agencies: Add Wikipedia editing to your client services

Be in charge of  your client’s Wikipedia reputation

Do you have a Wikipedia editing gap on your marketing team and don’t know how to fill it? Was someone managing your client Wikipedia articles and they moved on? Has the workload grown faster than your team? Maybe you realized you need to be able to offer Wikipedia services to your clients as part of repuation management. But you don’t have the expertise to do so.

To the Point Collaborative has been advising organizations on Wikipedia page management for nearly a decade. Among our many clients: the voice-over-internet giant Vonage; Los Angeles real estate p.r. firm DB&R; and the notable nonprofit Public Interest Research Group. 

They came to us for Wikipedia editing expertise, and now their Wikipedia pages are under control. If  you have a Wikipedia gap, we’ll be your in-house expert. With To the Point Collaborative on your team, we can take on the Wikipedia work, and you can focus on what you do best.

Editing requires specific knowledge of the often daunting Wikipedia landscape. 

And we are here to teach you how to navigate that landscape. To the Point Collaborative is intimately familiar with the specific rules and unique processes of collaborating with volunteer editors to achieve desired outcomes on client Wikipedia pages. We know the Wikipedia writing style, what to include, and how to back that up with the right citations. 

And we know you need to include a solid, accurate Wikipedia presence to enhance your client’s brand. So let the experts handle your Wikipedia reputation management needs. Contact To the Point Collaborative today to learn about our range of services to help you fill that Wikipedia gap. Contact or to discuss all things Wikipedia.

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