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Paid editors utilize Wikipedia’s reach for businesses

For great SEO, effectively manage your company’s Wikipedia article

This is Part 1 in a three-part series for companies, brands, and people with established Wikipedia articles.

If you’re not managing the Wikipedia page about your company, then someone else is.

Your Wikipedia entry drives important traffic to your website: These are people who have taken the time to search for you online, and are taking the next step to research you. Does this sound like potential customers, employees, investors, or vendors? It should. It certainly does to our Wikipedia team at To the Point Collaborative, where we live and breathe Wikipedia.


Get better SEO results thanks to Wikipedia

Google places a high value on Wikipedia articles. This is because it is the world’s most visited online encyclopedia. Hence the importance of traffic.

If you are included in Wikipedia and someone googles your company’s name, the Wikipedia entry will appear on the first page of search results. Additionally, in most cases Google generates an image from your Wikipedia entry on the right-hand side of the Google (and Bing and Duck Duck Go) search results page.

So, what are you doing to ensure your potential customers/employees/investors/vendors are getting correct information about your company when they visit Wikipedia?

If you said, “Nothing,” that isn’t good.


Manage the relevant info on your article and increase SEO

The best feature of WIkipedia is that anyone — including a representative of your organization — can edit it. While your company’s representative cannot control your Wikipedia presence, that person can manage it so that all the information is up to date and important information about the company is included in the article.

If you do not have someone regularly managing it, then you aren’t being as effective as possible. And, that leaves it open to others editing it. This could be anyone: An experienced volunteer editor, a competitor, an angry ex-employee, a frustrated customer, or even a kid sitting in study hall at a middle school in Iowa. Or all of the above.

You need to get your representative into the mix. We can make that happen.

Contact us now, and start managing your Wikipedia presence to your benefit.

This is Part 1 in a three-part series. Check out How to Get Started Editing as a Brand Manager next.

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