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Wikipedia is ever-evolving — is your charitable organization’s article keeping up?

Why it’s best to work with a Wikipedia editing expert

Expert help will guide you through improving your Wikipedia article.

Wikipedia can be a powerful marketing tool for your charity or nonprofit, if your charitable organization is already included in Wikipedia’s pages. Articles about existing charitable organizations are meant to be kept up-to-date. But if you’re thinking of going about it all by yourself, think again.

Wikipedia writing or editing is not like any other social media writing. There are guidelines and rules, and one must meet them. But just a heads-up: They can be difficult to understand and to accurately adhere to, especially when you are dedicated to running your charitable organization.

That’s why it makes more sense to hire an expert such as To the Point Collaborative to guide you through the process of improving your charitable organization article. And once the initial article update is accomplished, To the Point Collaborative will always be available to jump back in to keep your Wikipedia presence fresh and supportive of your mission.

4 reasons to partner with us

  • You will have to master a new writing style. Wikipedia’s rules demand a certain kind of writing that you are likely not familiar with. For instance, you are most likely to include self-promotion, and Wikipedia doesn’t approve of that. Wikipedia articles must be densely informative and factual. We have been doing that for over a decade, and we are the experts. Wouldn’t you rather focus on running your charity than unlearning everything you know about good writing?
  • Editing guidelines are many and ever-changing. Editing occurs periodically rather than every day. You won’t sit down to edit a Wikipedia page each day — you have to run your charity/nonprofit, which requires your full attention. And how will you remember all of those rules required of Wikipedia editors (which, by the way, change often)? Hmmm … Sounds tricky? Have us take care of it, because we are editing articles daily with our clients.
  • Poor editing can undermine your charity’s credibility. Wikipedia is synonymous with credibility, because people trust what they read there. But if you fail to follow the rules when editing, your article could be flagged for having unreliable sources, a non-neutral point of view, or for addressing a topic deemed not notable. In some cases, these problems can result in your being banned from editing. We know the rules and will take good care of your article!
  • Your article attracts eyeballs — what do they see? Search-engine giants such as Google and Bing trust Wikipedia and cite it in their search results; they will drive traffic to your Wikipedia article. All of this means that your article will be very important to your search-engine optimization (think free SEO). But if the article is out of date, or if your editing made it worse, it could leave a poor impression with readers. We can help create and harness positive SEO from your article.

Don’t let an out-of-date Wikipedia article undermine your charity’s mission. Partner with us, and we will show you how to bring that article up to date so that it can best represent you. Let us manage your page while you do what you do best: manage your nonprofit!

Would you be interested in a free consultation call with us? Simply contact Dan ( or Kendall ( to discuss how to take the next step for successful Wikipedia editing.

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