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Don’t be a victim of the Wikipedia Whammo!

Delegate your Wikipedia article maintenance to the experts

Perhaps you heard the whispers at a conference. Or read about it online. The marketing  professional who thought they knew how to edit their client’s Wikipedia page, only to run smack into The Wikipedia Whammo!

Edits reverted. A harsh scolding about paid editing. Perhaps even blocked account. 

Worse, they had to tell the client they had failed.

That is the Wikipedia Whammo!

You have Wikipedia article management options

Don’t let those stories stop you from managing your client’s Wikipedia page. A Wikipedia article about an organization you work for should not contain misinformation. You have two options: You can become the Wikipedia expert by learning the rules of engagement. Or you can hire someone with the expertise to do it for you. To the Point Collaborative can handle both assignments.

To the Point Collaborative has been advising clients on Wikipedia editing for years. We work with the world’s largest online encyclopedia every day on behalf of companies. We know how to set reasonable expectations for articles about organizations and well-known individuals.

Avoid the Wikipedia Whammo! Email us at and let us get your Wikipedia articles looking sharp.

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