Manage Wikipedia for your ideal communications clients

Identifying and signing ideal communications clients has long been a critical factor in the success of your agency. You specialize in managing the reputations of dynamic organizations. A healthy relationship with clients differentiates an ideal communications client from a headache.

What do you look for in your ideal client?

  1. You deal directly with a company decision maker.
  2. You and the client trust one another.
  3. The client values innovation.
  4. The client wants to be constantly growing the brand, with you in charge of that vital task.


Hi, I’m Dan Cook of To the Point Collaborative. I want to talk to you about Item #4. Your client’s healthy focus on growing the brand and, hence, the organization, means new opportunities for you. Billable hours increase every time you launch a new venture, of course. But more important, your agency adds another area of expertise to its services, further solidifying the relationship of trust with the client.

And, as you seek to identify your next ideal client, you have a broader range of services to offer.

The four bullet points above describe our ideal client as well. With one more bullet point, that is. Our ideal client is a brand or reputation management agency that serves clients who have Wikipedia pages about them.

Paid editors are not prohibited from managing Wikipedia articles

Do you have such clients? If so, how are you managing their Wikipedia pages? A client with an existing Wikipedia page represents a brand management challenge, to be sure. But opportunities await you.

Many public relations and marketing professionals believe they are not allowed to edit an article on behalf of a paying client. So they never even try to do so. Others have tried and failed. So they avoid Wikipedia. They pray that their client will never ask them to revise a Wikipedia article about them.

But did you know that a client’s Wikipedia article can be managed by a paid advocate? Our team has been training paid editors to do just that for a decade. Now, we directly manage client pages on behalf of agencies like yours.

Effectively managing a client’s Wikipedia article requires the paid editor to learn what makes a good Wikipedia article: content, tone, citations to back up the information in the article. It requires learning the rules of engagement with Wikipedia’s volunteer community. It requires complete transparency. My user account offers an example of this.

Offer Wikipedia services to your ideal communications clients

You are smart and successful. You could learn to edit Wikipedia effectively. Or, you could hire us to do it on your behalf. You focus on what you already do best. We manage your clients’ Wikipedia pages. Your billable hours increase. So does your reputation for providing outstanding services to your ideal communications clients.

Ready to get started on a Wikipedia services collaboration? Contact us and keep those ideal clients coming back for more.

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