The digital world is quite dynamic. There are enough platforms, formats, focused network groups and strategies that work for businesses and audiences across the globe. So where does the old school Wikipedia fit into an online marketing strategy for a business, charity, or a personal brand?

Because many people do not trust much of the information they find online, they often turn to Wikipedia for accuracy and unbiased information. Wikipedia has been the source of this trusted information that is decentralized for all these years. That is why people keep going back to it for research, accurate facts and authenticate/validate data.

Then there is the connection between Wikipedia and Google, the world’s largest search engine, and Facebook, the largest social media network. Both rely on Wikipedia to ‘authenticate’ the relevance, context and credibility of topics and people. That’s why you find Wikipedia references in the first page of Google when you enter in your search terms. 

The reason Wikipedia is trusted as the most credible website is because it enables free flow of information that’s verified and factual. No jargon. No ads. Just straight facts as they are. 

That’s why founders, VPs and Marketing executives can use their Wikipedia presence as a force that works in support of’ their brand. A Wikipedia article is constantly building your brand image ‘behind the scenes.’ It is an organic brand element.

Areas where a well edited and updated Wikipedia Page can work wonders:

  • Content Marketing 
  • SEO
  • Lead Generation & Sales 
  • Online Reputation Management 
  • Outreach
  • Brand Discovery
  • Driving traffic and/or interest your way
  • Build authenticity and credibility for your business or personal brand
  • Deep research about your customer interests and trends

Wikipedia visitors trust what they read

If you are a non-profit/charity business, an updated Wikipedia page is your gateway to increasing your volunteers as well as your donations – two things that are the backbone to support your cause. People who visit your Wikipedia page are more likely to trust you with their donations as compared to visitors to your website. They trust that Wikipedia is free of your marketing embellishments and gives them the true story of what you do.

But for Wikipedia to be truly supportive of your mission, you do need to be paying attention to it, and investing in its accuracy. So when visitors go from your Wikipedia page to your website, they already have an accurate picture of your mission. That’s why you want to be sure that your page is updated regularly–so that the audiences you care about are fully informed.

We all budget funds to generate traffic to our website. But if you include money to update your Wikipedia article, you tap into people who believe what they see there, and who’s next stop may well be your website.

So get found by the millions who use Wikipedia to learn, grow, research and validate facts and information. If you wish to edit your Wikipedia page you can schedule a free consultation call with Kendall by emailing her at

To the Point Collaborative brings extensive experience in helping clients, especially non-profits and charities, to benefit from Wikipedia articles for over ten years. We work with our clients and collaborate with them so that they are equally a part of the process. Contact us today to learn how.

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