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Delegate Wikipedia Editing for Your Brand to the Experts

Minimize risk and keep your Wikipedia brand reputation up to date

Do you work in marketing, public relations, or as a brand manager? Is your brand’s Wikipedia article only on your radar when something goes wrong?  You need a plan to manage the risks inherent to your brand’s Wikipedia page. You should maintain it just like you would update your organization’s other social media and marketing platforms.

But it likely is not something you want to do yourself. That’s where we come in. We can manage your company or client Wikipedia presence for you.

You may have heard it is “illegal” or “prohibited” to edit Wikipedia for pay. Nothing could be further from the truth. The rules of engagement for editing Wikipedia clearly permit paid editors to participate in editing Wikipedia articles about persons or companies they represent.

You just have to know how to do the editing correctly. We know the rules, the language and the critical importance of collaborating with the volunteers who run Wikipedia.


The right way to edit Wikipedia for your brand

Our Wikipedia team at To the Point Collaborative understands how to ethically manage Wikipedia articles for organizations and individuals. Our method is based upon years of training brand managers to contribute ethically to the world’s most-used online information resource.

We have had so many requests to add direct editing to our services that we now offer that.

In our editing on your behalf, we will follow a basic set of practices that allows us to influence Wikipedia articles. Here are the practices we always recommend to our trainees.

  • Understand Wikipedia’s rules regarding paid editing and conflict of interest editing.
  • Master the language of Wikipedia and guidelines for what can be included in an article.
  • Set clear expectations with your employer or client about what can be accomplished on their behalf on Wikipedia.
  • Be transparent about your status as a paid editor.
  • Engage with the volunteer in a respectful way.
  • Approach each article as a maintenance project. Less is more on Wikipedia.


How Wikipedia benefits your brand reputation

Here’s what a just a few of our brand management clients have to say about their experience with To the Point Collaborative:

  • “I needed a Wikipedia page for one of my major clients but didn’t know where to start. I turned to To the Point for help. Dan and his team did not disappoint. They simplified the process and guided me through each and every step so that I could create a page that had an immediate impact on my client’s web presence.” —Bruce B., President, DB&R Marketing Communications, Inc.
  • “Thank you again, To the Point, for the fantastic education.” —Dave R., vice president, marketing, a major insurance company
  • “I learned from the best!” —Santina S., Senior Manager, Corporate Communications, a major communications company

If you contact us to schedule a training, you too can add Wikipedia editing to your services.

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