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A New Algorithm for Facebook

Algorithms — most of us have no clue what they are or even how to pronounce the word. But, we do know they’re important to every marketing endeavor. We also know (or at least have heard) that major online players constantly change how they work.

Understanding algorithms

For those who are curious, an algorithm is a simply a name for a set of rules for problem-solving. In the case of Facebook, a change in algorithm is a change in how Facebook determines what posts you see and how often.

For nonprofits, the fine-tuning could have major implications for fundraising and friendraising campaigns. To learn why, read this TechSoup post. As a digital marketer, I have a sense of foreboding. Posts from Pages will get downgraded and that is going to make my professional life a lot harder.

It will be important to keep your Facebook page content engaging. For some tips, check out my 3 favorite ways to find social media content. And, contact us if you want more in-depth help with your marketing campaigns.

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